If you want to look at more of my art regarding Various Fan Art, swing by my DeviantArt!
Those are examples of various types of personalized commissions starting at: $75.00 USD
It includes: 11″x17″ drawing at 600 DPI.


Star Wars General Thrawn by Arielle Lyon

This is a Star Wars portrait style commission of General Thrawn. The style had to be a portrait of a fictional character mostly recognized in animated cartoon style.

Cinderella Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

This commission of Cinderella was one I was excited to draw. I had never drawn Cinderella before and was excited for the look chosen for the character. We do not often see Cinderella with loose hair or showing loneliness and hopelessness.

Manga / Anime Concept Art by Arielle Lyon

I am not a “go-to” Manga or Anime artist but I am not oblivious or stranger to the style. This was for an author who had a very amazing book series idea. I cannot reveal the name or the book as of yet.

Character Branding by Arielle Lyon

A quite specific logo for a quite specific adult toy company! A cartoon bombshell new school style holding “adult toys” in each hand. Because this was a gain a sub-contract, I left the adult toys for her to place. I had a blast drawing this one!

Personalized Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

When a dragon lover is in your life and you want to surprise them with a personalized fan art made for them, I’m the artist for it! This Mushu fan art was for MJ Vieira, author of dark supernatural awesomeness! She’s a dragon and Mushu knows not to disturb her before coffee!

The Lion Guard Fan Fiction Cover by Arielle Lyon

This particular commission involved a known Disney character from The Lion Guard, part of The Lion King Franchise, Fuli. The other character was a character belonging to the Fan Fiction Author of the series. I had to create her character and the book cover for the fan fiction itself.

Wolf Personalized Avatar By Arielle Lyon

I absolutely love drawing animals and this commission was for a professional avatar / gravatar and social media profile picture. The specifications were a grey wolf with a scar going across the eye. The specs were also as realistic as possible and so, I made the scar accordingly.

Character Concept Art Logo by Arielle Lyon

This was a sub-contract through an artist I work with and we praise each other all the time for our work. Because I’m known for the Disney style, this was perfect for me! A gothic Disney girl for an author who would use it as her logo.

Author Branding by Arielle Lyon

Another sub-contract author branding logo. This logo was a mix of Manga / Anime adult style meant to represent the author as a Japanese style character. Many elements and specifications I would normally discourage as it is quite busy. When branding yourself with a logo, always think: it has to be readable as a poster and as a tiny shape. Often, we can lose details when going down in sizes.

DC Comics Beast Boy by Arielle Lyon
DC Comics Beast Boy by Arielle Lyon
A La Carte Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

This commission is a perfect example of “à la carte.” If you look closely, this Beast Boy fan art has the actor from the DC Comics live action series, Titans as well as the DC Comics animation series, Young Justice. It was a specific commission with more than one character, plus overall graphics.

The Robins Comic Book Panel by Arielle Lyon

This was a commission including all four of all the Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Timothy Drake and Damian Wayne. It included a setting, a background and penciling, inking, colouring and lettering.

Batgirl Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

This fan art of Batgirl follows my personal rules for sexy commissions: no full nudity. This was a special type of commission for a regular VIP client. Batgirl being one of his favourites fictional characters he wanted half beaten like we often see with Batman or the Robins.

Mermaid Concept Art by Arielle Lyon

This mermaid is not a typical one. She belongs in The Crossbones Series by Arielle Lyon. So, she’s mine. However, I included her here to show the research that can be involved in a character concept. This mermaid is based on sharks instead of fishes and so had to be closer to reality and the tail works differently.

Superhero Character Concept Art by Arielle Lyon

This is a commission from a Fan Fiction writer. The character was Spider-Man inspired and I had a detailed description of the outfit and colours to use.

Wolverine and Original Character by Arielle Lyon

This particular commission, again, was from a Fan Fiction writer who had a very specific image in his mind. He wanted a close up of Wolverine fighting his original character. So, I had to create his character first and add Wolverine into the mix.

The Lion Guard and Original Character by Arielle Lyon

For this commission, I referred to the one I did above with Fuli. It has Maku, a character from The Lion Guard, part of The Lion King franchise. He is fighting the original character of the Fan Fiction author.

Character Concept Art by Arielle Lyon

This is a concept art of a fantasy character for a novel series set in an alternate Earth. It takes place in the early days of the Dark Ages in what will eventually be known as England, Scotland and Ireland. For that reason, research was key to have the right hairstyle, clothing and tattoos.

Female Pirate Concept Art by Arielle Lyon

In an age where Captain Jack Sparrow is popular, I drew a female pirate as a character concept for an author. It had to be an action shot on land and a scabbard as a weapon. It was simplistic but came out as a comic book style concept.

Spider-Man and Original Character by Arielle Lyon

Here we have Spider-Man fighting a superhero resembling Lady Bug. Those commissions are popular from fellow artists on Deviant Art. Especially for the Fan Fiction market. A battle panel in comic book style.

Video Game Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

This is a Nintendo character that the client wanted drawn in my style with a simplistic background. I was not familiar with the character but with some research, I was able to come up with something that made the client happy.

DC Comics Beast Boy by Arielle Lyon
Superhero Couple Fan Art by Arielle Lyon

Here we have two known superheroes, Lady Bug and Spider-Man. This was for a Fan Fiction story.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel by Arielle Lyon

This commission was a specific one where the client wanted Dr. Harleen Quinzel and not Harley Quinn. Wit that in mind, so anyone could recognize the blonde woman in the drawing, I added shades of red and blue to the hair and sad eyes hiding madness.

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