When Blood Is Thinner Than Water

It is not a question of time because it is not reversible. One can only give a hand so many times before the person decide to drown.

An Attack On The Indie Community

Just keep in mind, Facebook is in over its head. It’s looking at creating a digital monetary system. They are losing their marbles. Don’t encourage them any further than you have to at the moment

Captain Vane Noticed Me! The One From Black Sails

Captain Vane played by Zach McGowan in the historical fiction Starz series, Black Sails noticed a drawing by me, a portrait I made of the iconic pirate.

An Artist With Anxiety

When I was younger, I thought that my night terrors were usual. I thought that my overactive imagination was a curse.
I thought I was abnormal and didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t know I was living with anxiety.