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When it comes to branding—logo, stationery, stickers—pricing starts at: $65.00 USD
It includes: Logo along with the copyrights and ready for usage at will.
Drawn branding starts at: $75.00 USD.


Lyon Designs Logo by Arielle Lyon

The Lyon Designs logo is for the artistic aspect and freelance work of Arielle Lyon. A play on words with her last name Lyon, with the lion paw, also representing her love for The Lion King is used. We can see the usage of shades of blue, as it is her favourite colour.

Hotel Transylvania Logo by Arielle Lyon

Because Arielle Lyon’s favourite Gothic cartoon series is Hotel Transylvania, she decided to reinvent the logo a little to make it fit the cartoon series. Making it a crest for the family and hotel, Arielle Lyon drew something unique. Another good example of a DRAWN logo.

The Liberty Series Logo by Arielle Lyon

The Liberty novel series is a horror science-fiction novel story happening in the 26th century. Because Liberty itself is a planet, Arielle Lyon needed to come up with a logo that would not only represent the series but also the military, so the ensigna of the space fleet became the logo.

VitaL Logo by Arielle Lyon

VitaL is a fictional beverage for monsters in the supernatural horror series, The Lord Impaler Series and The Silverblood Series. In need of nutrients for her variety of paranormal creatures, Arielle Lyon decided to come up with drinkable meal replacement for her creatures as well as beverages made for the monsters.

Gothic Bite Magazine Logo by Arielle Lyon

Gothic Bite Magazine is a webzine revolving around the horror genre from folklores and legends to reviews around books, series and movies. The webzine is popular among the indie community and has been up and running for over three years.

Crossbones Novel Series Logo by Arielle Lyon

The Crossbones novel series revolves around an alternate Earth in the Age of Piracy. Because of the merfolk involvement in the storyline, Arielle Lyon used her favourite underwater animal, the shark, as the focus of the main pirate ship’s flag. It is also a good example of a DRAWN logo.

Worded In Fire Logo By Arielle Lyon

Worded In Fire is the logo of the editor and reviewer, Rebecca Hill. Wanting to represent the passion and dedication of Rebecca Hill as an editor, the fire and word-smithing became the focus of the logo.

The Graveyard Sisters Logo by Arielle Lyon

The Graveyard Sisters logo is for a podcast revolving around the horror genre in various mediums of entertainment. The podcast itself is hosted by Dora Esquivel and Arielle Lyon as a co-host.

Logo Drawn for Dora Esquivel by Alexa Wayne - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2020
Dora Esquivel Logo by Arielle Lyon

Dora Esquivel is a dark horror erotic author. Dora wanted something representing a heavy psychological statement. The dreamcatcher is not only related dreams, but also nightmares and terrors. For that reason, the dreamcatcher became her logo. DRAWN logo.

Logo Drawn for Dora Esquivel by Alexa Wayne – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2020
Dome Corporation Logo by Arielle Lyon

The Dome Corporation is an evil company in the horror science-fiction novel series, The Liberty Series. Focused on DNA and genetic engineering, the company needed a futuristic logo that seemed scientific while not ringing as ‘evil.’

Don’t Trust Humans Logo by Arielle Lyon

Don’t Trust Humans is a logo used on Arielle Lyon’s many online stores as a nerdy representation. The UFO and Alien from outta space theme is well loved by many viewers.


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All book trailers on this page are sold at a rate starting at $65.00 USD. You receive by email the video in high definition in MP4. The book trailer rates depends on the level of complication and details as well as research. All that with a free goodie.

If desiring a specific detailed and specific context from photos or drawing or require multiple modifications, the price starts at: $75.00 USD.

©The Fay Retell Collection Trailer
by Arielle Lyon

©The Fay Retell Collection by Arielle Lyon

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