The Orville Keeps Moving On

The Orville started strong with high hopes of pulling “purist” Trekkers, and it worked. We even had a second season, and here it is!

Tiny Intro

The Orville keeps moving on and here’s why!

Some lost their connection with Star Trek. They believed its new looks to be too far from the essence of the franchise. With that in mind, some viewers took comfort in The Orville.

The McFarlane science fiction space opera that we can safely say is its own Star Trek spin-off.

The Orville Season 2 Official Trailer

The First Season

The first season seemed quite shaky for many viewers who thought the crew of the starship Orville to be odd. Connections were off, characters were not fully developed, and some thought McFarlane bit off way more than he could chew.

The Orville
The Orville

In my opinion, remembering the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation, I thought The Orville to be quite efficient. I liked the resemblance to Star Trek and the differences.

I even had favorite episodes where I was quite impressed with the topic chosen. Just like Star Trek used to do, sensitive subjects such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, among others, are part of the show, and that from the first season.

Star Trek The Next Generation — CBS
Star Trek The Next Generation — CBS

The last episode of The Orville had some viewers wondering if it would come back for a second season. They got their wish, and it did. Now, the characters and their places fully developed, each took their home, and we were on for another ride aboard the ship!

New Season Old Topics

I wrote an article about The Orville already. However, we were only halfway into the second season. Now that the confirmation about a third season is on, I can say I am quite happy.

The second half of the season determined quite a few things for the future of the 25th Century series.

The Orville
The Orville

After a battle against the Kaylon bringing the Planetary Union and the Krill to talk about a treaty unionizing both parties to fight against a potential battle, other sensitive subjects arose.

It wasn’t enough for The Orville show to touch delicate chords such as racism. Sexism plays a significant part in the show, and to be honest, I love it.

McFarlane is not afraid to show what he loves, dare, and be as close as possible to what he admires and uses it to spread positive messages.

The Orville
The Orville

Like many, I was afraid he would make a “Family Guy” sci-fi show, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. The second season presents sarcasm, serious topics, science and fiction, battles, and lasers! But, I was wrong and The Orville keeps moving on and surprises me.

No Cliff-Hangers!

The Orville, like many shows before it, doesn’t do cliff-hangers. The premise of the show revolving around the one-story-solve in one episode, rule. While in the second season, three times did a story last for two events. However, those were not the season’s ending.

Was it voluntarily, or did McFarlane plan it that way? We might never know as rumors dictated that the show might face cancellation. The Orville is one of those show that brushes against the radar and passes by then got a renewal.

The Orville
The Orville

The show ended with the conclusion to the timeline of The Orville restored to its original setting. Grayson‘s actions have been the reason for the disarray of the entire galaxy.

The time-traveling episode, a classic of the Star Trek franchise, was finally happening in The Orville show and lasted for two episodes, including its last one of this year’s season.

Season Three?

As mentioned above, a third season of The Orville originally was to be on FOX television in the United States but moved to Hulu and City TV in Canada. It has a secure place but no dates.

What are the expectations? Well, I would guess more interactions with either new alien species, ghosts from the past, and further guest appearances as McFarlane seemed to taste for it. Some from science-fiction shows, others quite impressive.

One thing is for sure, The Orville might be a light show, but it’s one that I weekly watch, and I’m not disappointed.

It’s variety in alien species. It’s overall crew members—their doctor being my favorite Doctor in all sci-fi shows! I must say it is fantastic!

Don’t miss out on The Orville Season 3, who knows when it’s going to air, but it’s coming! So, yes, The Orville keeps moving on we just don’t know where and when!

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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