Justice League Unfairly Reviewed

Fans of DC Comics waited many decades to see a live-action movie of the iconic superheroes. Sadly, the welcome revealed to be negative and even unfair.

Justice League Movie Summary

Justice League unfairly reviewed by many maybe reading the summary can help first!

Steppenwolf and his Parademons set out to take over the Earth. However, Batman seeks the help of Wonder Woman to assemble and recruit Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman to thwart the powerful new enemy. — Google

DC Comics Justice League Official Trailer

Justice League

DC Comics holds some of the most iconic superheroes of all time due to its founded date. The leading trio being Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman also contains the name of the Trinity. Their notoriety at protecting the world inspired stories for nearly a century.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

It is safe to say that for a very long time, fans of DC Comics hoped for a movie that would blow the minds of its viewers. However, instead of blowing minds, DC Comics raised questions as to how they handled their superheroes on the big screen.

The movie Justice League unfairly reviewed by people who had no idea who the superhero truly were to begin with. I personally blame the Marvel ComicsDisney influence. Don’t worry, the explanation is simple!

Unfairly Reviewed Pt. 1

Marvel Comics is, in its essence, quite different than DC Comics. Both have iconic superheroes, but their origin, just like their characters, couldn’t be more different. The “Big 2” are at war ever since they came to existence. It’s okay! All big corporations are that’s no big deal until it is.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Superman: Well, I know you didn’t bring me back
’cause you like me.
Batman: I don’t… *not*…

DC Comics Justice League Movie

Marvel Comics’ superheroes, when it comes to the big screen, had a targeted public in mind. Those in charge of the marketing aimed for families. That was no surprise since Marvel Studios belonged to Disney.

It is also because of careful studies and market strategies that their success was instantly eminent. They knew what they were building from the very beginning more than a decade ago.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

DC Comics made one mistake: copied the wrong action. Instead of aiming at families, DC Comics should have stayed true to themselves and aim at a different audience: adults.

Unfairly Reviewed Pt. 2

Man of Steel received a mixed review. That is because the marketing surrounding the movie was too unstable. It had no precise analytics to target the right audience, adults. Superman is not all fluff. Ever since New 52 came to play, a layer of depth developed around the character, making him darker.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Suicide Squad is another excellent example, the idea was an R rated movie, and it was a good idea. But, the studio was too stubborn and wanted to rival with Marvel Comics turning it into a family movie. It has the word Suicide in the title! It is NOT for children!

Man of Steel was a rather good movie and the closest to represent what Superman is genuinely about at its core. DC Comics didn’t make a mistake in the movie but in the targeting of its audience.

The same goes for Dawn of Justice or BVS, the story darkened again, and it was a good idea. The movie itself was not perfect, but the choice of going a bit darker was right.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

If from the very beginning, DC Comics and Warner Bros. decided to target a mature audience for the entire run of its movies, the level of epic the DC Universe as a whole could have reached, mind blown.

Justice League unfairly reviewed due to pressure and marketing missing its primary target, that’s a fact.

Unfairly Reviewed Pt. 3

As a result of copying Marvel Comics to aim at families instead of copying their carefulness at target analytics and marketing, they nose-dived with a few of their movies. A shame really because the recipe Snyder had at first was a good one.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Superheroes are not just for kids, read a few Batman comic books and get back to me. Even Superman, he’s not all fluff and kid-friendly, read and again, come back to me.

Wonder Woman is an emblem for women for a reason. Dig deeper, and you can find levels of darkness in there that is beyond imagination and can be exploited for incredible movies!

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

DC Comics must dare to trust in their fans and audience. We, too, grew up watching Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Superman, and many more!

I watched Young Justice, all the animated movies, Teen Titans GO! And now Harley Quinn—finally made for 18+.

No Justice Review

The bad reviews Justice League received was mostly due to it coming out too soon. They needed time. The movie itself was not bad, the story quite compelling, but too much CGI.

Something else Marvel Comics master, no kidding, they have the Disney Pixar Empire next door!

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

If only DC Comics and Warner Bros. saw pass the rivalry, maybe the Justice League movie would have had more live-action and less CGI. Setting the pace for the movie was quick instead of slow and steady. The revealing of each character was not as calculated as Marvel Comics.

Nonetheless, many reviews remain unfair, and that is due to many people comparing Marvel Comics to DC Comics. The audience targeted was different, but the marketing was confusing to support it.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Fans of DC Comics know the essence of many of DC Comics’ superheroes is darker than Marvel Comics, and it didn’t reflect in the marketing. Justice League unfairly reviewed is mostly due to its strategy to attract the wrong audience. Not all superheroes are for children.

Justice League Unfair

The overall vibe of the Justice League movie is excellent, and the gathering of each character’s flow is also steady. The reason for them coming together is necessary, and the reason for choosing the villain smart. We want to bring Superman back, and there are not that many villains that can be used to that effect.

The psychology in the movie with Bruce Wayne being the emotionless one reflects his comic book character well. Another positive statement is pointing out how Wonder Woman doesn’t step up when Superman is gone. That is clever and felt good because it is not in the comic book, and yet when said aloud in the movie, it felt right.

Cyborg and Flash are younger but different, as they are in the comic books, their presence necessary and vital to the mission. I liked how Flash showed his overwhelming emotions when it came to meeting the heroes but also his vulnerability to becoming one himself.

He understands Bruce’s logic to bring back Superman just as well as Wonder Woman’s reluctance to it. Cyborg, fighting his inner demon, desires nothing more than to help in the capacity he can, technologically.

Aquaman’s place was quite impressive and showed that he could do more than just play with water and fish. His super strength quite scientific. The muscle strength required to move underwater is much superior to what one needs on land.

So, Aquaman’s power is more significant than any man due to basic gravity and muscle development made for life underwater. In the movie, his trident and strength are needed as much as his ability to control water.

Unfair Justice

There is no question when it comes to the personality of characters in the movie, those were functional segments. The flaw in the movie is how quickly it all turned out. I feel like I needed to know Flash a little more and Cyborg as well, Aquaman even! The reason is simple, there was no Dawn of Justice 2. BVS showed Wonder Woman and brought in Batman.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Superman: You did this!
Batman: I had to.
Superman: You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die.
Batman: The world needs you.
Superman: But does it need “you”? Tell me, do you bleed?

DC Comics Justice League Movie

Superman’s presence in the movie was positive. How I liked that zombified Superman! It took him a while to come back to his senses, and I very much enjoyed it. The moment he held Batman by the neck and that quote, perfect! The hatred in his eyes and frown on his face showed all we needed to see. Perfection!

League’s Review

The hate around the movie is too much. There are many good scenes in the Justice League movie way more than most people say. If you watch it with a determination to compare it to the level of Marvel Comics, of course, disappointment follows because they are different types of superheroes.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

Yes, the movie feels rush because it was. But, we can still appreciate much of it. The script is excellent, and the way Superman’s reanimation happens is smart.

Many of the Superman scenes are impressive despite his upper CGI upper lip due to the Mission Impossible Fallout contract.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

My biggest problem with the movie is CGI. If only they stuck to a real set or place, using CGI only as a last resort, the visual would have been much better in terms of quality. They didn’t need that much green screen.

Justice League Reviews

My overall thoughts are DC Comics should stick to a mature audience, use less CGI and stop comparing themselves with Marvel Comics. They have big guns and amazing comic book stories.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

They have great talent when it comes to television series, and it should reflect on the big screen.

A new wave of movies is coming from DC Comics, and we can hope for the best. Further attempts and stories might do best.

DC Comics - Justice League movie
DC Comics – Justice League movie

But, I maintain that the Justice League was an excellent movie to watch, not legendary as we hoped, but it had its moments. Justice League unfairly reviewed due to misconception and big immense marketing strategy fail.

I give it a 6/10.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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